Adult Program - Changing What it Means to be Blind!

Today, as never before, blind people are leading normal productive lives. There are many reasons... but one of the most important is the role that blind people are now playing in changing their own destiny. Through self-organization in the National Federation of the Blind, the blind are changing the course of services and programs for blind persons from traditional custodial approaches to innovative and exciting ones which stress self-sufficiency and independence. The LOUISIANA CENTER FOR THE BLIND is one of the leaders in a handful of these new programs.

Established in 1985 by blind persons, the Louisiana Center for the Blind was the realization of a dream for the blind of Louisiana and the nation. As a privately operated residential training facility, staffed primarily by highly qualified blind professionals, the Center provides an innovative orientation and rehabilitation training program, and most important, a positive philosophy about blindness.

Throughout its existence, the Louisiana Center for the Blind has received both national and international recognition for its programs and staff.