TLC Senior Program - General Information

Coping Skills

Through meeting as a group, we come together and discuss our problems in relation to loss of vision, loss of independence, inability to do tasks we once did, depression, and reaction of family and friends. We identify solutions for problems and issues related to vision and create a network of individuals who have similar issues.

Louisiana Newsline Services for the Blind

All blind and visually impaired Louisianans can access over 50 newspapers daily through a touchtone telephone using a toll-free number. To enroll in this program call 1-866-444-4496 and start reading the newspaper today.

Daily Living Skills

Just because your vision is getting worse doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy life. We have solutions for sewing techniques, recreational activities, methods for labeling medications, clothing and household items, money identification and other adaptive equipment; i.e., talking clocks, signature guides, etc.

Low Vision

We have the tools and information available to evaluate you to see if you can benefit from a wide range of devices such as hand held or stand magnifiers, special telescopes or sunglasses. If you would benefit from a device, it will be purchased for you and you will be trained to use it.

Independent Travel

You can still travel safely and independently. We can teach you techniques for traveling with family and friends with confidence and dignity. These include the use of the long white cane for independent travel and identification purposes; and safe guiding techniques so that you can remain active in your community.

The Professionals

The program consists of a diverse group of qualified professionals trained in the field of blindness and low vision.

Please contact Wendy Jackson for more information at 866-444-4496.