General Information and Guidelines

Students attending the Louisiana Center for the Blind should bring the following items as these items are not provided in the apartments.

•             Sheets and pillow cases, blankets and bedspreads (beds are twin size)

•             Pillows

•             Clothes hangers

•             Towels and washcloths

•             Clothes (neat, appropriate attire for classes; casual clothes for exercise, swimming, or camping; clothes for activities such as church, parties, etc.)

•             Alarm clock or clock radio

•             Rain gear (umbrella, coats, boots)

•             Shoes (comfortable walking shoes and dress shoes)

•             Toiletries and grooming items

•             Medications (must be able to self-administer)

•             Personal household items (kitchen utensils, pots, pans, dishes, glasses, silverware, storage containers, broom, mop, dish drainer, laundry and dish detergent etc.)

•             Suggested optional items: small kitchen appliances (coffee pot, toaster, blender, mixer, microwave), television, stereo, lamp, phone, pictures, books, computer, Braille writer, digital recorder, funds to open local checking account if desired, initial supply of groceries, and backpack. 


Needed Information for Intake Paperwork 

•             Medical insurance cards

•             Social Security number

•             Emergency contact numbers (family)

•             Contact information for physicians

•             Information on pre-existing medical conditions, if applicable

NOTE:  Many of the above items can be purchased upon arrival at the local Wal-mart, one of several used furniture stores, and local grocery stores.  If a student chooses to ship items prior to arrival, please confirm shipping information with Center.

The Center is not responsible for loaned, lost, or damaged items in the residential or training facility.

Washers and dryers are provided free of charge and located in the Student Activity Center; students must provide their own laundry detergent.  Vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies are also provided for student use.

A phone is available in the Student Activity Center at the apartment complex for use by the students.  Personal phones may be installed in individual apartments at the student’s expense.  Cable and Internet services may also be installed in apartments at the student’s expense; however, satellite dishes are not allowed.

Since the Center solely focuses on the alternative techniques of blindness, personal vehicles are not permitted.

Pets are not permitted.

Dress Code: Students

The Louisiana Center for the Blind is an adult training program.  As such, its dress code is intended to encourage students to dress neatly and in a style which promotes learning and concentration in classes.  This dress code hopes to also prepare students for appropriate dress in the work place.  Dressing neatly and in a manner that reflects self-pride is a key factor in attitude, and a good attitude increases student learning.

  1. All clothing should be free of stains, tears or rips, frays, and wrinkles. 
  2. Clothing that is sheer or revealing is inappropriate, such as low-cut or tight blouses; Bare midriffs, crop tops, bare backs, spaghetti straps, tank tops, and muscle shirts are not allowed; Stomach area should remain covered at all times.
  3. Oversize shirts are acceptable as long as shorts extend below the shirt.
  4. Logos on clothing should reflect a positive message; Messages advertising tobacco, alcohol, or banned substances are not allowed; Messages with obscene language are also not allowed.
  5. Shorts, long pants, skirts or dresses should fit appropriately so that undergarments are not visible. Shorts, skirts and dresses should be at least finger tip length.
  6. Students are strongly encouraged to wear well maintained and comfortable shoes, as several hours of walking will be required each day.
  7. No radios or digital music players are to be used in school during class hours, unless specifically for a class assignment; Cell phones will be allowed, but cannot be turned on during class hours unless given permission from an instructor.
  8. It is expected that good bodily hygiene and hair cleanliness will be observed and that appearances will be neatly maintained.

Students arriving to school dressed inappropriately will be sent home to change. 

Staff members are available to assist with any questions concerning wardrobe.


Students may not return home during the first month of training except in emergencies, and in cases where a major holiday falls within that time period.  Should such an instance occur, the period in which a student may not return home will begin upon the return of the student.

Unauthorized overnight guests are not allowed and may jeopardize enrollment.  (Note:  No alcohol or illegal drugs/drug paraphernalia are permitted in either the apartment or the Student Activity Center.) 


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