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Applications for the NFB BELL program of Louisiana close on May 1st. Don't miss your chance to be part of the program. 

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Jada Cormier

We are so proud of Jada Cormier, LCB Buddy Alumni. Please see below to read an article of her achievements.

Jada on cane travel during Buddy Camp 2013.

Jada on cane travel during Buddy Camp 2013.

This article ran in The Daily Iberian


by Julaine Deare Schexnayder

Here’s a young girl I want you to keep your eye on. Even at 14, she is clearly able to imagine a future in pop or country music. And according to her teachers and other supporters, she has what it takes to do so. Add to that the fact that she is a gifted student, a faithful friend and a loving daughter. Success is written in her fortune cookie.
Did I mention that she has been blind since birth?
Jada Paige Cormier possesses a natural beauty that makeup would only hide. She has been blessed with flawless skin and long wavy hair. Her quick smile adds to her appeal. She giggles slyly and blushes when encouraged to speak of herself. She’s a sweet kid.
Academically she is in the Gifted and Talented Program at Delcambre High School, where she has attended school since kindergarten. As an eighth-grader, Jada is granted only a few perks: She rides a special bus from her home near New Iberia; and she has an aide, Miss Patty, who has been her “eyes” during classroom hours since starting school. They are almost like one, Jada says with affection. “She helps me to see what is on the large computer screen while the teacher explains geometry or math.” For her part, Miss Patty does her best to keep up with her bright student. Jada’s nearly straight-A report card (only one B in science) attests to their working well together.
Taking notes in class is no problem. Her nimble fingers move quickly over the keyboard on her new Braille Sense U-2, similar to a court report’s stenograph machine.
Always nearby is Jada’s 4-foot cane, which sighted people expect to see a blind person using. But hers is decorated in hot pink and black tape as an extension of her fun personality. In this and every endeavor, she is cheered and supported by her mother, Michelle, and two younger brothers.
At home, she likes to stay connected with friends from around the state whom she has met at Blind Camp, which she attends each summer near Ruston. The three-week event is the highlight of her year. She and her fellow campers get to share experiences in an environment where they are treated like everyday kids. From her experiences at camp she has gained the confidence to tackle almost any task.
Jada’s Talent-Music teacher, Julia Allen, can’t say enough good things about her eighth-grade student. “She is a talented soprano ... but she also has a passion for books, humor and life in general. Her disability does nothing to deter her.
“She is very creative. Improvising on the piano is one of her favorite activities. Jada’s versatile, too, from recording a Christmas album for her family and friends, to singing in a four-part a capella quartet, to writing a song to liven up her science class.”
Here is a girl of extraordinary abilities who has not let the hand that life has dealt her get her down. In fact, she has her eyes firmly on the stars. There is no reason to think she won’t achieve her wishes."

JULAINE DEARE SHCHEXNAYDER is retired after a varied career in teaching and public relations and has been a member of a Life Writing class since 2007. Her email address is

Jada ringing her bell at Buddy 2013 graduation.

Jada ringing her bell at Buddy 2013 graduation.

Mark Riccobono's Keynote Address

We are thrilled to have Mark Riccobono, Executive Director of the NFB Jernigan Institute, as our national representative. 

Mark Riccobono giving presidential speech.

Mark Riccobono giving presidential speech.

Are you driver or a passenger? 

Do you have a faith that can mount movements and move mountains?  


"Passing the Torch"

We enjoyed a reenactment of Jerry Whittle's play "Passing the Torch" at the 2014 NFBL State Convention. This play takes us through the lives of Bill and Suzanne's (center students) as they learn about what it means to be blind.

How will you pass the torch? 

A special thanks to all those who made this a great success--including Beth Konechne, Director, and or Sound Directors, Jerry Darnell and Jack Mendez.



2014 NFB BELL fundraisers at state convention

Braille rocks shirts ($25). We have ladies style in black and bright green. We have 2 men's shirts left, too.

We also have NFB BELL of Louisiana shirts for $10. Only size medium left.

For all you Braille readers--especially the kiddos--we have Braille bookworms. It's a bookmark for Braille books. 

We also have one Braille salt and pepper shaker set left $10.  

Lastly, we have a drawing for a handmade 1860s men's shirt reproduction quilt. It is valued at $300. It was sewn with love by our beloved Ruby Ryles. Drawing tickets are only $5 and only 100 tickets will be sold. The drawing will take place July 6th at national convention: you need not be present to win.


Braille Rocks shirt in bright green!

Braille Rocks shirt in bright green!


Just a small piece of the beautiful quilt by Ruby Ryles.


Check out the Braille on the salt and peppers shakers!!

2014 NFBL Convention

Convention attendees enjoyed a great 1st evening here in Baton Rouge. Meetings were held for the students, parents, merchants, and seniors. We rapped up the night with a fantastic auction that raised much appreciated money for our movement.  #NFBL14

NFBL 2014 State Convention

Hi All,

Please see two links of interest below. The first is to a link by which you may download a copy of the 2014 NFB of Louisiana 2014 state convention agenda in RTF format.

Convention Agenda

While we would love to have you join us in person at the Crowne Plaza in Baton Rouge to participate in state convention, we recognize that this is not possible for everyone. But, fear not, you can still take part thanks to technology! The following link allows for streaming of portions of the gathering on one’s computer or mobile device.

Our Twitter handle is @TheLCB1985. If you are part of the Twitterverse and have not followed us, please do so. We will tweet periodically during the convention using the hash tag #NFBL14. Please also watch our Facebook page for convention information.

Special thanks to the Center’s Executive Director and Louisiana’s state President, Pam Allen, for her unwavering commitment to excellence and for working most diligently to change what it means to be blind across Louisiana and the nation. We also sincerely appreciate Jack Mendez, our Director of Technology, for his foresight and for making continual improvements in his purview.

Another exciting announcement is coming soon—so watch this space!

Safe travels for those of you attending convention. And, for those who will be listening in, thanks for being with us in spirit!