Saturday Club Program

Sharing the positive philosophy, training, role modeling, programs and services, and networking opportunities available through the Federation with students and their families truly changes lives. Saturday Clubs present the perfect opportunities for LCB, together with Louisiana Tech University’s Institute On Blindness and dedicated local educators, to spread our message. Blind and visually impaired students and their parents and siblings participate in fun, meaningful activities designed to strengthen nonvisual techniques while fostering a sense of community. Through Christmas parties, Easter egg hunts, the celebration of Black History Month, end-of-year school swimming and rock climbing parties, descriptive movie nights, and more, Saturday Club attendees have a blast while acquiring the skills and attitudes necessary for true and lasting independence. Watch this space for updated content related to our on-going Saturday Club gatherings.

If you are interested in beginning a Saturday Club in your area, please don’t hesitate to contact us for suggestions and support.

Upcoming Events

November 18, 2014: Thanksgiving lunch with LCB student and staff and holiday-themed crafts.