Service Delivery


Intake Procedures

The Louisiana Center for the Blind accepts referrals/requests for services from Louisiana Rehabilitation Services, out-of-state agencies for the blind, and private sources.  Individuals requesting services from the Louisiana Center for the Blind directly are referred to their respective appropriate state agencies serving the blind.  The referring agency initiates services by scheduling an interview (either by telephone or personal visit) between the prospective client, his/her counselor, and the director of the Louisiana Center for the Blind.  Referring counselors are encouraged to arrange a tour and personal interview for individuals and their families, particularly when a question may exist concerning the appropriateness of the services offered for a particular referral.  On-site tours and visits are welcomed, and a representative is available to visit by phone with prospective students, their families, and agency personnel.  An enrollment application is then submitted to the Center, including current eye and medical reports, as well as other pertinent medical/ psychological information.  Upon notification of admission, referring counselors should provide a current copy of the IPE and verification of funding. 

Upon acceptance of an applicant as a student, the Louisiana Center for the Blind, the referring agency, and the applicant select an entry date based upon availability.  In the event that the student does not arrive on the scheduled starting date, the director of the Louisiana Center for the Blind will attempt to contact the individual and the referring agency counselor to determine the reason for the failure to arrive and to reschedule the entry date.

During the first complete day of services, the student is given a comprehensive orientation to the facilities and program, introduced to the staff, provided a class schedule and materials, and advised of policies and guidelines.  Also, intake information is completed and students have the opportunity to shop for personal items and groceries, set up cable, internet and banking services, and address any other personal errands associated with relocating.

Service Provision

The Louisiana Center for the Blind provides residential orientation and adjustment training to legally blind adults.  Students remain in training generally from six to nine months depending upon individual needs.  The full training curriculum includes Braille, cane travel, computer literacy/keyboarding, home management, industrial arts, independent living skills, seminar, job development and college placement, and GED exam and standardized test preparation (if needed).  All classes emphasize the development of self-confidence and a positive attitude toward blindness.  On average, the Center services approximately thirty students in the general program. 

Throughout their training, students live in apartments located eight blocks from the classroom facility.  The furnished apartments are two-bedroom duplexes owned and operated by the Louisiana Center for the Blind.  Students can expect to have a roommate during training.

Criteria for Client Selection

Individuals who have been medically determined to be legally blind (and whose primary disability is blindness) are eligible for admission to the Center.  Upon applying for admission, the individual and/or sponsoring agency will provide current eye and medical examination(s) by an ophthalmologist or optometrist stating that the individual is legally blind, or visually impaired with a progressive, non-corrective eye condition.

No individual will be refused admission based upon race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status or disability. 

Individuals enrolling in the adult program must be eighteen (18) years of age.


A majority of the highly qualified and certified administrative and direct services staff are blind persons who serve as effective role models for those in training.  All staff members promote a positive philosophy about blindness and set high expectations for all students.


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