Play Performances Thumbrive

LCB Thumbdrive
LCB Thumbdrive

Play Performances Thumbrive


The thumbdrive is 16 GB.

It is silver and has the LCB logo printed on one side and NFB logo on the other side. It says "National Federation of the Blind Louisiana Live the Life You Want"

It contains performances of the following plays.

2001 In Everything That Matters

2002 First Step Forward

2003 Cajun Moon Rising

2005 A Path We Did Not Know

2007 Out of the Cradle

2008 Deja Blue

2009 Sometimes Truth Repels

2010 It's a Broken-Hearted River to Freedom

2011 Never Too Late

2012 One Man with Courage; The Story of Dr. Bolotin

2013 Golden Moments

2014 Passing the Torch

2015 In Everything That Matters


All proceeds go to fund the Buddy Program!

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