Louisiana Center for the Blind: 800-234-4166 (Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. central)

Eric Guillory: 318-245-2157 (evenings and weekends)

Marissa Hirschman: 319-371-9663 (evenings and weekends)

Apartment Manager: 318-497-1567 (evenings and weekends)


WHEN TO BE HERE:    Sunday, June 10,  2018 between 1:00 and 4:00p.m.

WHERE TO BE: LCB Education Center - Conference Center, 
                            504 E. Mississippi Ave.



June 10                             Arrive in Ruston

 July 3 - July 8                NFB Convention in Orlando, Florida

August 3-4                   Graduation Ceremonies/Family Weekend


  • Bedding for single bed (sheets, pillowcase, pillow, blanket, bedspread)
  • Towels and washcloths (at least 5 of each)
  • Bathing suit
  • Casual clothes (7-10 outfits)
  • Dress outfits (business casual [e.g., polo shirt and khakis for week-long convention and work experience in second half of program)
  • Comfortable shoes (tennis shoes are a must for some outdoor activities and cane travel classes)
  • Dress shoes
  • Toiletries (soap, deodorant, shampoo, brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, etc.)
  • Any medications (clearly labeled)
  • Sunscreen
  • State identification (at the very least, a photo-ID of some sort) for our trip to Orlando and identification if a visit to a medical clinic is ever warranted)

 PLEASE NOTE: Radios, music players, clocks, cell phones, notetakers, computers, favorite games, etc. are permitted; however, the Louisiana Center for the Blind will not be responsible for any loss or damage. The Louisiana Center for the Blind will cover all necessary fees for activities. Students may wish to bring spending money for snacks or shopping. Students will receive a stipend for food at convention, but they may want to bring money for other items.

Business casual is appropriate dress for most of convention and during the work experience portion of the program after convention (e.g., polo shirt and khakis). However, each student must have an outfit suitable for attending the banquet at the close of convention (e.g., evening dress, suit and tie).

T-shirts, blue jeans, shorts, or sandals are all permissible as casual attire when in classes. However, care should be taken that chosen outfits are not inappropriately revealing or do not contain explicit or otherwise inappropriate messages. The importance of having comfortable tennis shoes for cane travel and other walking activities cannot be overstated.


I hereby grant permission for my child to participate in all activities of the STEP Program operated by the Louisiana Center for the Blind. This includes all activities on and off the premises. I understand that vehicles and adult supervision of my child will be provided by the Louisiana Center for the Blind during all activities. I understand that the Louisiana Center for the Blind is not liable for any injuries to my child. This permission covers all activities between Sunday, June 10 and Saturday, August 4, 2018. To acknowledge, please insert your full name and your child's full name.
Permission *
General Information
Include Street, City, State and Zipcode
Have you ever been away from home before? *
Do you have any allergies/dietary restrictions? *
Can you swim? *
Are floatation devices required?
Previous Training
Have you had training in... *
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If you use a notetaker, please indicate which notetaker(s) you have used and your experience level with the device(s)?
Cane Use *
Please let us know when you use your cane. (Check all that apply.)
Additional Information
Students are permitted to make phone calls on evenings and weekends, not during instructional time. Any students who bring cell phones are to keep them turned off during classes and should only make calls after fulfilling daily cooking, cleaning, and/or other responsibilities or participating in scheduled activities. “Lights out” is at 11 p.m. nightly—including weekends. Student phones must be turned off and put away NO LATER THAN 10:30 nightly. The Director of Youth Services reserves the right to confiscate the phones of violators for a specified period (minimum 24 hours) *
I have read and agree to the terms of this cell phone usage policy and agree to abide by the same.
In the event of a medical emergency, I/We hereby authorize the provision of medical and/or surgical treatment by an appropriate medical clinic, hospital, or private practitioner for the above-named child. I/We authorize any of the following to authorize such provisions of emergency treatment on said minor's behalf if we are unable to be reached. *
Please provide their full name; their relationship to the student; their address; and applicable contact phone number(s)--indicating work, home, or cell.
Please provide their full name; their relationship to the student; their address; and applicable contact phone number(s)--indicating work, home, or cell.
In the event none of the above can be contacted within a suitable period of time, I authorize the staff of the Louisiana Center for the Blind to authorize emergency treatment on said minor's behalf. Further, I/We understand that the Louisiana Center for the Blind agrees to inform me/us as soon as possible of the need for and result of any emergency treatment provided under this consent. *
Medical Records
NOTE: Upon request, the Louisiana Center for the Blind will assist students in the location and accessibility of medication and treatment.
Street, City, State, Zipcode
Does your child take any medication on a regular basis? *
If your child takes medications regularly, please submit a numbered list below with the following information: Name of Medication; Dosage & time taken; Reason for Medication; whether or not child can administer independently; Additional Comments.
Please continue list if needed.
Authorization to Administer Over the Counter (OTC) Medications
As the parent/guardian of a STEP Program 2018 student, I hereby authorize the Louisiana Center for the Blind to administer the following over-the-counter medications to my child as needed. *
Photo & Video Consent Form
The undersigned does hereby authorize the Louisiana Center for the Blind (LCB) to photograph/video my 2017 LCB STEP student.. *
The undersigned grants the Louisiana Center for the Blind (LCB) permission to use and display said media in any publication, multimedia production, display, advertisement or World-Wide Web publication. *
The undersigned agrees that the Louisiana Center for the Blind (LCB) may use name, likeness, or biographical information supplied by the undersigned. *
The undersigned releases and forever discharges the Louisiana Center for the Blind (LCB), its agents, officers and employees from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of these photographs/images, including but not limited to, any claims for invasion of privacy or defamation. *