Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in receiving training in the Adult Program at the Louisiana Center for the Blind, what are the steps necessary to begin?

Thank you for your interest! Please complete the Enrollment Application. It is also advisable to make a follow up contact so that you can schedule an appointment to speak with Pam Allen, our Executive Director. Please call 800-234-4166. If Pam cannot speak with you at that time, please feel free to leave a voicemail, and she will certainly get back with you.


I have heard about the Louisiana Center for the Blind from others and they recommended that I go for training. What kinds of things to I need to consider before attending classes?

The decision to seek training and the commitment required to enter a residential training program are, without question, milestone life events. One must understand that, when receiving training, he or she is not “giving up” six to nine months of his or her life. Instead, training should be viewed as taking the first step to an enriching, more fulfilling life—made possible through newly-acquired skills and attitudes that foster greater independence, thus allowing an individual to compete on terms of equality with his or her sighted counterparts.


I live outside of the state of Louisiana, am I still eligible for services?

Yes. Training is generally funded through a state vocational rehabilitation agency. Please email to discuss further and to receive additional information regarding relevant contact information and other pertinent details germane to your location.


My son or daughter has just finished high school and I believe they would benefit greatly from the training offered by the Louisiana center for the blind, What factors might we, as a family, consider to encourage him or her to think about training as a next step?

It has been said that, sometimes, we don’t know what we don’t know. And, while a person may feel academically ready for postsecondary life, his or her skills of independence (e.g., traveling alone through varied environments, managing household responsibilities, using technology to the fullest potential) may not be developed to a point where he or she feels comfortable on his or her own. After all, whether one chooses to pursue a degree or enter the world of work after high school, the skill sets required to navigate and otherwise live independently are just as critical as those gained in the classroom.


I am interested in learning more about programs for school age children and youth. How can I get additional information?

We offer a variety of services throughout the school year such as on-site outreach and technical assistance, local Saturday Clubs where children and families can learn skills of blindness through fun, hands-on activities, and short-term individualized instruction for Louisiana students and/or their teachers here in North Louisiana. We also offer three summer programs for blind students. Our one-week NFB BELL (Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning) Program is designed for Louisiana students ages 4-12. The Buddy Program is a three-week residential program open to students from across the nation who are in grades 4-8. Finally, students entering grades 10-12 are eligible to apply for our Summer Training and Employment Project (STEP) Program. Please contact Eric Guillory, Director of Youth Services, at 800-234-4166 or by email at for more information on any of these initiatives.


My infant/toddler/child (grandchild) was born blind or has vision loss. Where do we go from here?

Firstly, please know that, despite what you may hear to the contrary, blind people lead successful, fulfilling lives. The Louisiana Center for the Blind and the National Federation of the Blind believe in the promise and potential of the next generation. As is true for all age groups, with  proper training and opportunity, your child can achieve great things. Please contact Laura Bostick, President of the Louisiana Association of Parents of Blind Children, at or by phone at 318-257-4554 to learn more and to connect with other parents, teachers, and early interventionists who care and who can give you the tools and information you need to ensure your child’s success.


My parent is retired and losing vision. I want him or her to maintain independence. Do you have programs to help? What parishes do you serve for seniors? 

Vision loss in one’s golden years need not lessen independence and the enjoyment the love of friends and family brings to a life well lived. Our Techniques for Living Confidently (TLC) Program serves those age 55 and above in 37 of Louisiana’s 64 parishes. Please contact Wendy Ortego, TLC Coordinator, at 866-444-4496 for more information and to find out about available resources.