Programs & Services - General Information

Adult Program: The Louisiana Center for the blind believes in blind people! Our experience has taught us that blindness can be reduced to a mere inconvenience. With proper training and opportunity (and these are important), a blind person can lead a normal, independent and fulfilling life. In fact, thousands of blind people are doing just that! The Louisiana Center for the Blind is "changing what it means to be blind."

Infant & Toddler: Our consultants help parents cope with their child's visual impairment and help the parents learn that blindness does not have to limit their child's opportunities. Families also have the chance to interact with other parents of blind children and with blind adults through a variety of state and national seminars.

TLC Senior Program: Just because your vision is getting worse doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy life. TLC is designed to help individuals participate fully in the social and spiritual lives of their community by teaching them alternative techniques to accomplish daily living tasks. We have solutions for personal, recreational, and other activities that you may have given up due to loss of vision and loss of independence. We come together as a group to discuss and identify solutions for problems and issues related to vision and create a network of individuals who have similar issues.

STEP Program: The Summer Training and Employment Project (STEP) Program is designed to introduce blind teenagers to positive blind role models and to provide participants with summer work experience. Students learn alternative techniques in blindness and then work fifteen to twenty hours a week at a local business earning minimum wage. This unforgettable eight-week summer program is open to high school students who are seeking to learn valuable skills and build their resume through work experience.

Buddy Program: Friendship, training, fun, growth and interaction between blind children and positive blind role models. This innovative summer program for blind children, grades four through eight, combines hard work and fun activities to provide a rewarding experience that children cherish. In addition to learning valuable alternative techniques of blindness, children will enjoy participating in a wide variety of exciting activities such as water skiing, camping, bowling, roller skating, and horseback riding.

NFB BELL Program: The NFB Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning (BELL) program provides children ages four through twelve with one week of concentrated Braille instruction through fun, hands-on learning. In addition to Braille, projects, games, and other engaging activities, children may also enjoy field trips to sites related to the content being covered in the program.