Roarin' and Snorin' in the Rainforest

On Friday, April 24, students from Lincoln, Ouachita, and Winn Parishes joined teachers, parents, and Louisiana Center alumni at Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo in Monroe to take part in an overnight excursion aptly named "Roar and Snore." Everyone learned a great deal about the Amazon Rainforest including the many products (e.g., chocolate, citrus, Brazil nuts, papaya, mango, cloves, coconut, coffee, etc.) found there. They were also invited to get up close and personal with various animals including a huge parrot.

The group didn't let a bit of stormy weather slow them down. A boat ride and tour was enjoyed by all--even when the weather started to look gloomy. They were encouraged to try various foods such as pineapple, papaya, and coconut found in this essential biome--which is disappearing at the rate of a football field every minute. Zoo staff delighted in the fact that the group wanted to make memories by naming a couple of newborn opossums. And, what better names than Louis and Braille!

Louis Braille Rocks, as do outings like Roar and Snore in which students and their families can experience the thrill of nature and take part in interesting hands-on activities vital to gaining greater spatial and environmental awareness and to just plain having fun! Special thanks to Kristen Sims for spearheading this Friday/Saturday Club gathering and to LCB's Pam Allen and PDRIB's Dr. Edward Bell for facilitating trip financing. We look forward to future collaborations with the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo as our students and their families live the lives they want through community involvement.

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